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Emerald Weapon is on another level than Diamond and Ultimate Weapon were, expect to take thousands of damage from its basic attacks (left). ├ Shinra Headquarters To fight it, you need to steer the airship to the red thing that sticks out of the sand; you can also take a … Emerald Weapon lurks along the bottom of the ocean, awaiting anybody foolish enough to dive down to provoke it. Emerald Weapon can be accessed from a submarine parked on the Junon Overland just outside of Lower Junon (the same submarine that is used to reach Gelnika). Ruby Weapon will only be there during the later parts of disc 2 and disc 3. Having Final Attack paired with Phoenix will be a safeguard, but is not mandatory. ├ Rufus Final Fantasy VII. ├ Heretic Hojo A nice quick fight as you can see in the video; there's nothing suspicious about that. Lastly, if you add the Mime + Counter combo to the mix, characters will counter-attack by Mimicking the last action the party took when attacked… which should be to double-cast Knights of the Round, but like MP Turbo, this addition shouldn’t really be necessary. Ruby will only bury its tentacles if player count drops to 1, and it will do so immediately after falling to that last player, PROVIDED that it is before turn 6 for Ruby. Ruby Weapon's Achilles' heel is its weakness against Paralysis. ├ Gorki Re: Bug in FF7: Battle doesn't end after Ruby Weapon is defeated « Reply #1 on: 2008-08-22 08:00:22 » I Suggest you try fighting Ruby weapon with a unpatched ff7.exe 1.02 and … ├ FFVII Remake Release Date Set on March 3, 2020. ├ Mako Reactor #1 When it comes to offense, equip non-elemental summons like Bahamut or Nights of Round and non-elemental enemy attacks. ├ Gongaga Also, equip the Final Attack materia in a linked slot with the Phoenix summon; with this combination, the death of that character will trigger Phoenix, resurrecting your entire party. ├ Status Effects Ruby Weapon is highly resistant to physical attacks (left) so the Command Materia Strategy won’t work here. ├ Schizo Ruby Weapon will counter summon spells with “Ultima” (left), but can be paralyzed by summoning Hades (right). If you took the time to grind out Materia for the Command Materia Strategy for Emerald Weapon, know that it isn’t entirely wasted on Ruby Weapon; the Mime + Counter trick works wonders, especially if you end up countering its attacks with Knights of the Round. Ruby Weapon. If you don’t have Master Summon Materia, however, you won’t have unlimited summons, so you might not want to break your Knights of the Round chain. Quickly, post gif's of ff7 … Volt479 - 9 years ago. You can also steal Dazers from Battery Caps, who dwell in the forests south of Rocket Town, near the entrance to Mt. Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the group, unaware of the epic consequences that await him.The guide for Final Fantasy VII Remake features all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring coverage of all Main Scenario Chapters, all Side Quests and mini games along with indepth sections on Materia, Enemy Intel and Battle Intel. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. When you use Knights of Round, Ruby Weapon will retaliate with Ultima. ff7 easy ruby weapon fight. Ruby Weapon has very high attack and defense and cannot be affected by anything other than non-elemental attacks. Don’t be afraid to use the odd healing item (Elixir, Megalixir, Turbo Ether, etc.) If you defeat the tentacles, Ruby Weapon will revert to its first form and thereby be incredibly resistant to attacks once again. ├ Tifa Lockhart Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published . Emerald Weapon Tips Ruby WEAPON . Forum » Everything Else » Arcade » Final fantasy 7 Ruby weapon . Tifa Finally Unveiled in Final Fantasy 7 Remake's E3 2019 Trailer! The Desert Rose can be traded for a Gold Chocobo (right). Emerald Weapon’s Aire Tam Storm is easily its most dangerous attack, dealing 1111 damage per piece of Materia a character has equipped (left). In addition you’ll need three more Mime Materia, three mastered Double Cut Materia, three mastered Counter and three HP Absorb Materia. Advertisement. ├ Aerith (Aeris) Gainsborough Posts: 539. ├ Materia Keeper The Ruby Weapon was a cool and challenging enemy back in 1997, and it looks even larger and more intimidating when rendered in XIV’s engine. Offline. Encyclopedia. Final Fantasy 7 (FFVII) Emerald Weapon inflicts no status effects, so you can dispense with Ribbons in favor of defensive accessories like the Tough Rings or Circlet. The one to watch out for is Comet 2. Your party should consist of Barret with his Missing Score, Cloud with Ultima Weapon, and Yuffie with her Conformer. Furthermore, you should also counter attack with “4x Cut” every time you’re attacked. All of these attacks are brutal, but survivable if you’re high-leveled and wearing decent gear, especially if you’re leeching HP with HP Absorb. Final Fantasy VII Emerald & Ruby Weapons. ■ Walkthroughs List You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But if you're just trying to get a Gold Chocobo, breed One This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ├ Cid Highwind I need to find a way to beat ruby and emerald weapon on FF7. There is more than one technique for defeating Emerald and/or Ruby Weapon. If either of the weapons use Status effects (I believe Rubys claws can) than Ribbon is an amazing accessory to equip . They also occasionally appear as the final enemy in the Battle Arena, but given that you’re limited to one character who will likely be the target of the aforementioned “Goannai” attack, it’s less frustrating to head to the Underwater Reactor. ├ Tifa Finally Unveiled in Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s E3 2019 Trailer. As such, the enemy skill Big Guard can be used to make dealing with the boss’ attacks much easier. Ruby WEAPON is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII encountered just outside of the Gold Saucer, accessible via the airship or a chocobo.It is also involved in the side quest "Kalm Traveler".You must first defeat Ultimate WEAPON before Ruby WEAPON will appear, however. For this approach you’ll need three Master Command Materia, which in turn requires you to master three Deathblow, Manipulate, Mime, Sense, Steal and Throw Materia. It’s underwater. To get these specific materias, go check our chocobo breeding and minigames sections. So, with two characters dead at the start of the fight, Ruby Weapon will immediately go to burrow its tentacles. Emerald Weapon is an optional boss fight in Final Fantasy 7.This creature, along with Ruby Weapon, represents the greatest combat challenge the game has to offer. Ruby Weapon does not like 3-on-1 odds, and if you try fighting it with three characters, it will Whirlsand away two of them at random near the start of the battle. Still, the party somehow manages to hold their breath for a whopping 20:00, the time limit for the battle after which it’s an instant game-over. if necessary, those things won’t serve you better than being used here. 10. ├ Underwater Reactor You can also use Dazers, items which can be obtained by Morphing Boundfat enemies in Corel Valley - the area between the Sleeping Forest and the Forgotten Capital. Beating Ruby Weapon will require some powerful skills. There are ways to cure them, but it’s best to avoid any complications outright. ├ Vincent Valentine They keep on killing me and my materia's maxed. Ruby Weapon is one of the optional fights in Final Fantasy 7, and can be found in the desert once players go to the Gold Saucer for the first time. Super FF7 Banner Exchange. ├ Chocobo Capture Guide But since then, I haven't been able to find it--recently, at least. White Wind is a great enemy skill when it comes to restoring health. ├ Staniv The eyes themselves either attack with a blue eye beam (2000~ damage) or a green beam (400~ MP damage). Ruby Weapon causes MP damage, and inflicts the following status effects: Imp, Mini, Don't Act (Paralyze). └ Sephiroth. attacks that can completely remove a party member from the battle (called Whirlsand) and it has extremely high defense. how do i beat ruby weapon in ff7? He will spawn in the desert around the Golden Saucer, and will appear as a red tentacle appearing of the desert. The Ziedrich makes a good secondary option in a pinch, however. As such, the enemy skill Big Guard can be used to make dealing with the boss’ attacks much easier. ├ Chocobo Training When the eyes are open, Emerald Weapon’s shoulder-eyes are open it’ll cast “Emerald Beam”, which does reduces the HP of the party by 21/32 (or a little over 63%) and cancels the Regen status, if it’s applied. The same general strategy works for the fight with Ruby Weapon, with one exception: enter the fight with one character already KOed. Tremendous. Emerald Weapon is a superboss in the North American, PAL and International versions of Final Fantasy VII, and one of the toughest of the five Weapons (the others are Ultimate, Diamond, Ruby, and the non-battled Sapphire). The Knights of the Round Spam tactic that worked on Emerald Weapon will - with some tweaks - work fine on Ruby Weapon, as well. Once your party is equipped with the right weapons, armor, accessories and Materia, finish up your preparations by knocking two of your party members unconscious them unconscious. The way you’ll do this is by ramming it with your submarine, of course, but before you do, there’s a minor complication to this fight. Ruby is the one in the desert under the Gold Saucer, that small red blob. Ruby Weapon . ├ The Forgotten Capital Emerald Weapon is an optional boss fight in Final Fantasy 7.This creature, along with Ruby Weapon, represents the greatest combat challenge the game has to offer. Even when I … ├ Things to Collect I'd reccommend taking on emerald weapon first, much easier than ruby. Ruby Weapon: Ribbon, which prevents ALL status ailments, which Ruby Weapon can cause using Ruby beam, along with the basic attacks of his tentacles. It’ll counter your summons with “Ultima” every once in a while (6000~ damage to all characters) if it stops being paralyzed and it’s tentacles might attack from time to time, but HP Absorb should heal more damage than Ruby Weapon deals, especially with Mystiles equipped, as you’ll have a good chance to dodge the attack. The Mystile makes great armor, if you have three of them, that’s all you should wear. Stick to only attacking its main body during the fight. Hope to connect and see this amino grow. Now as bad as these are, his magic attacks are far more devistating. A good counter to this attack (and general accidents) is to equip the Phoenix + Final Attack Materia. ├ Escape from Midgar ├ Escaping Junon ├ Rapps A guide for Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy 7. ├ Chekhov A nice quick fight as you can see in the video; there's nothing suspicious about that. └ Enemy Skills, ■ Chocobo Guides ├ Diamond Weapon Having Phoenix + Final Attack Materia equipped will revive the party in case they get wiped out (right). I am doggie. You can fight Emerald Weapon underwater after you have obtained a submarine in Part 2 of FF7. Time for all that Chocobo breeding to pay off. This approach will end the battle more quickly, but requires more grinding to set up. Also keep in mind there are many, many ways to defeat Emerald Weapon, provided below are just two easy ways to do so. Find guides to this achievement here. Talk to the same man in Kalm’s Private House’s second floor to whom you exchanged the Earth Harp. The other possible problem is… well, Knights of the Round can take a wretchedly long time to cast, and it’s feasible that you might run out of time by spamming it. Mythril saber (Atk=23, APx3) 3. You can cut the damage of the attacks down with Big Guard, if it is on, but it is really nothing to worry about, since you are miming Elixirs after each attack. For one thing, it's a virtual requirement that you possess the Knights of Round, the Mime and the W-Summon materias. FFVII Remake Game Release Editions Announced! Immediately cast Hades on Ruby Weapon to paralyze it, then raise your fallen comrades with Phoenix Downs or “Angel Whisper”. Ensure every character's Limit gauge is full before encountering Emerald. If you touch the tentacle while riding something like the airship, Ruby Weapon will appear and you will be able to fight it. Underwater Materia will remove this timer, of course, and if you can get your hands on another Knights of the Round Materia (done by mastering it) or a Master Summon Materia, you can pair it with MP Turbo, which will up the damage of each Knights of the Round casting considerably. The Command Materia Strategy isn’t ideal for this fight considering Ruby Weapon’s impressive resistance to physical attacks. Super FF7 Web Ring. Talk to him again and trade the “Guidebook” for Underwater Materia , which will remove the time limit for the Emerald Weapon fight. ├ Nintendo Switch Release New Features. Did You Know? Fair warning, though, it’s the point of no return; do whatever you want to do, be it grinding, Chocobo racing, competing in the Battle Arena… When you’re ready, head back to the North Cave and descend to where the party has gathered. It towers over the player character in the gameplay footage above and looks to be quite the challenge to any would-be Weapon hunters as it seems to destroy the opposing player with ease. Then again, you could have obtained a Master Summon Materia by turning the Earth Harp in to the man at Kalm, so you really have no excuse not to have one anymore. : “Aire Tam” is simply “Materia” spelled backwards, so, in effect, Emerald Weapon is casting “Materia Storm” on you. Walkthrough. ├ Guard Scorpion ├ Shake You'll have to ram it in the melon with the Highwind to make it jump out of the sand and engage you in combat. And this isn’t Final Fantasy X. It towers over the player character in the gameplay footage above and looks to be quite the challenge to any would-be Weapon hunters as it seems to destroy the opposing player with ease. ├ Proud Clod But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. If you have all three party members up during this first stage, Ruby Weapon will constantly use its Whirlsand ability until only a single party member remains. ├ Red XIII 1 magic, 1 summon and one support (yellow) master materia from what i remember. ├ Equipment Counter Materia, Mime Materia, Double Cut Materia and HP Absorb Materia can be combined to devastating effect (right). Boss Battle: Ruby Weapon¶ Ruby Weapon is a tricky boss; it has two tentacles which it can stick in the ground (surfacing behind the party) or it can keep them… handy. ├ Ancient Forest 0 1. The Ultima weaponis obtained by defeating Ultimate Weapon near Cosmo Canyon on Disk 2 or 3. Focus on using high powered spells such as Ultima, Contain and Comet. ├ Return to Midgar After defeating Ultima Weapon and at least one other random battle, a red, tentacle-looking thing will appear in Corel Desert. Ruby Weapon’s attacks are all very strong, but many can be weakened with MBarrier. ├ Demons Gate Ruby Weapon’s main body is immune to damage from anything except for non-elemental attacks. HELP! It's a shame FF7R isn't coming out in 2 weeks aye? Hmmm, if Emerald Weapon is there then Ruby Weapon should definetly be there.

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