saddest love story in naruto

(Which is sadly true in our current world today). He has big goals and his story is told from preteen years through his teenage years. Kimimaro is the only one left of his clan who are able to manipulate bone in his body. Granted he did finally reason with his past and forgave his father, but for a long time, that magnificent oak was a ravenous weed. Not blessing life I guess, She got really a sad childhood, I mean do you know what it feels like to have a father that always look down to you?, a father that hates your existence, that it doesn't matter to him if you are dead or alive, not just a father but a WHOLE CLAN that looks down to you, and where is Hinata's mother? Since then Nagato is trying to build its ideals to the world and build Akatsuki ninja. The story only gets sadder when he realizes that the only person who he thought cared for him, hated him. When Haku was a kid, Haku lived with her father and mother. But everyone haS bUllies (not everyone most people though), She was killed at so small age. She lived most of her life thinking that she was cursed. Jun 11, 2019 - Even those passingly familiar with Naruto know how emotionally intense it gets. e. Jiraiyas death (not so much a story but a defining moment) please dont give me one word answers. Then, he endsas scump and nobody ever remembers him. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Naruto’s story has now concluded and a follow-up anime and manga series focusing on his son Boruto is currently in production, as is a live-action Hollywood adaptation. Until now I feel like a puzzle with a missing piece. Here are 10 characters in the Naruto story with the sad life story. That’s when Orochimaru and Kabuto met with invited him to be his subordinates. When he finally gets out he sees Kakashi killing Rin. Well he didn't have brother's issues anyway. 10. why do you love naruto answer wisely! 4. Neji young do not understand it, he also has the curse seal senidiri forehead, which will give families the pain when the main chant. Everyone hates him scared that the demon fox will take over his body and attack the village again. Naruto’s parents are the kind of couple legends are made of. Neji dies while trying to protect Naruto and Hinata from the horrors of war. Sasori had it so rough as a little child his parents died,turned his best friend to a puppet,what a sad life a 5 year old has to endure and on top of that he hated living so much he turned himself into a puppet and he wanted to die when chiyo killed him. Anime and Manga - Naruto This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. The main characters also have a strong enough background, because in the manga and anime often served flashback story or flashback them. It was picked up by Cartoon Network in 2005, where the network began airing the show on Toonami adding to its ever-growing popularity. I wanted to be his friend and hold his hand. Then he has to sever the bonds he had and when his brother reanimation comes he just loses his brother again because his brother still wants to protect the village. The only person who understood him was Iruka. All rights reserved, Attack on Titan Anime Season 2 Premieres in April, Top 5 And Most Shocking Death’s In “Attack on Titan”. Naruto looked at the small picture of himself with the rest of the team. Then he abandons his village and is branded a traitor, he finally kills itachi but then learns the truth. It's some pretty sad stuff. She was a war orphan with her three friends chibi, nagato, and yahiko. Neji finally killed in World War Ninja 4 after protecting Hinata. Naruto Uzumaki as the main character in the Naruto manga story also has a very interesting story in any development of the story. Sasuke Uchiha is the main character of the story of Naruto played a key role from the beginning to the end of the story. Itachi Uchiha figure continues to be a mystery until the Naruto manga will be reached eventually. Orochimaru used the story kesenderian Kimimaro and appointed him as one of his men. Itachi is an unsung hero. At that time, Kabuto did not know the reason why kill Nono, while Nono did not know Kabuto who has grown completely. Literally the only thing that happened to him was being an orphan who was isolated and losing one loved one. Finally gets a genin team and becomes happy. He not only saw his parents die right in front of him, but he saw the ecxact same thing happen with yahiko too.when he had nothing, he had pain greater than naruto's. Add to library Discussion 11. However, due to the war situation at that time made Jiraiya left the three of them and Yahiko died in battle. He was feared by his clan, who kept him in a jail cell, and then they all died, and then he met Orochimaru, who he thought he was important to, but he wasn't at the end. Kaiza then DOES become his father as well as a hero. Being that so, its best moments include all kinds of emotions. But after his encounter with Naruto, Gaara become a different person even when together with Rock Lee tried to fight Kimimaro. 1. He suffered and knew sasuke was suffering. Because the power of Bijuu inside, Gaara was greatly feared by the villagers, including by his own brothers and sisters. And also the fact that he always checks his clock if it's 9 pm and says "I would be sleeping by now". Which was the saddest story in Naruto? He would've been be ...more, How on earth is Naruto story sadder? He was his hero. 10 of the Saddest, Most Tragic Moments in Naruto. After that, he is used by Madara and then have to see Rin die at the hands of Kakashi. Or did he? So what? Asuma Sarutobi death. She is still with him so 😢. His parents were killed when he was just a kid, by Kakashi's father. She is either dead, (poor Hinata), or... she doesn't care if her little daughter is treated poorly, which is even worse.Do you know what it feels like to find yourself living everyday of your life with a sibling that wants to KILL YOU? 6. who has the most saddest story background? The Story of Naruto Team 7 as the family was growing nicely when Sasuke left the village after starting familiar with the whole team, but still choose primary mission in life to killing Itachi. I won't say anything. MUCH sadder than having your clan killed, being forced to kill your clan, being shunned, having everyone you love getting killed..*sarcasm*, She was bullied. She got bullied by the writer man... Like the other people got bullied too but at least they were powerful. Konan should be ranked before Karin Uzumaki because she was almost killed and of course if Orochimaru saw her Paper Release when she was still a kid, then maybe she and her friends were with Orochimaru by now! I had to stop my binging for three days and just think about myself. Kabuto character first came out when Naruto will face Chuunin exam. her life is so sad and nobody even notice? Okay that’s 10 Characters In Naruto With The Most Sad Life Stories presented by Animesouls.com Hope you liked this article, please do not forget to like and share us, thanks. This kid was stranger who was brought to the Leaf Village, and they accepted him right away. )And then is only used as a tool. Just think about it, his parents died from The nine tail fox and then he made friends with him. Starting from Naruto was born without the presence of his parents, lives alone and hated as a monster to finally meet up with his family in team 7. But when Kaiza is captured, tortured and killed by Gazo Inari changes and becomes lonely and quiet never laughing or rarely smiling with his father always on his mind. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Anime Fan Fiction Naruto Saddest (Y/n) was an antisocial, shy girl. An oak to rest on, and admire. A seed that would grow into a strong oak. And through all his darkness and hatred he decides to protect the village..so his pain is unbearable he is alone. However, due to awaken Gaara Naruto have a similar life as a Jinchuuriki, Gaara slowly opened her heart and began to recognize the word “Love” which was in the left forehead. That's bad and all. Oh no! That was the single saddest moment by far. Which makes him feel guilty 4 killing his brother. They made fun of her forehead! One proof of the story of his past is its Sharingan eye even though he does not come from the clan. Obito probably could've done something to stop the situation from happening, but he was trapped for years, and had hips childhood taken away. 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